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MMA 1.3 (and LeMMA 0.6) available: We have an upgrade package available. Download, unzip and overwrite your C:\MMA folder. That's all.
If you haven't WinMMA, first install WinMMA, then, use the upgrade package.

MMA 1.2 available: We have included in the package a graphical and user-friendly program for MMA: LeMMA - Lazyman's Editor for MMA.
WinMMA is here.

MMA 1.1 now available! The package for Windows (WinMMA 1.1) is ready.

1. What is MMA?

MMA means "Musical MIDI Accompaniment". It is a program for musicians who needs some accompaniment while practicing a song. This program is a realistic alternative to the famous "Band In A Box" from PG Music.

There are two important things that make MMA different:

MMA is programed with the Python programming language and requires a python interpreter or runtime. This software (Python) is not usual to be found in Windows systems (it can by downloaded). For this reason, I have prepared a MMA installer for typical Windows users. This installer is called WinMMA.

2. What is WinMMA?

WinMMA is a package for Windows users that includes the (required) Python interpreter, an editor for MMA files (Scite) and MMA itself (program, documentation and example songs). Installing WinMMA you don't need any software, all is included in the installer. Read this file for more details.

3. How to use WinMMA?

First at all, please, read the tutorial supplied with MMA (written by the MMA's author).

You may open the MMA editor or open a simple template song and edit it.

The editor has three useful keyboard shortcuts for mma files:

The simple example songs was written by the author of this package. There is a lot of examples in MMA's home page.

You may generate the MIDI file by double-clicking in any .mma file in any folder. The MIDI file will be generated in the same folder where the .mma file resides.

4. Download

The installer has the following name: WinMMA-setup-x.xx.exe, where the x.xx is a number for the version. The first version released is 0.23, based in MMA 0.23. You may download the installer from the project page, just follow this link.

5. Disclaimer

Package's author is David Asorey Álvarez.